Communication, team building and solving problems


Sibiu, Bran


580 euro


6 days



During this 5-day course, you will learn how to develop multicultural teams, organise project meetings, resolve conflicts and ensure effective communication.

What is waiting for you:

Interactive workshops – We offer 0% boring PowerPoint presentations and 100% fun, interaction, and guaranteed effective tools.

Project Management handbook – You will develop your own project management handbook. It will help you to implement the knowledge you gain to establish a practical management system and a set of robust processes in your organisation for ensuring project success.

Methodology is based on Project Management Institute’s standards, but with a focus on European projects.

This course features:

• Outdoor activities in the morning and project management workshops in the afternoon. We believe that physical activity opens up the mind and creativity!
• Networking with people from all over Europe who work on similar projects.
• Relaxation and reflection in one of the most beautiful place in Romania.

Course plan:
Day 1:

● European projects, programmes, and portfolios
● Project life-cycle and timeline
● Introduction to Project Management

Day 2:

● What are geographically dispersed teams
● Task delegation
● Team building techniques
● Key to successful project meetings

Day 3:

● Team development phases
● Motivation
● Management and leadership styles

Day 4:

● Communication blockers in a multicultural team
● Tips for creating a good communication plan
● Giving meaningful feedback

Day 5:

● Building rapport with project team members
● Conflict management strategy

Day 6:

Good bye.

Every day, there will be an outdoor challenges organised to stimulate participants’ creativity.

Benefits for the participants:

• Learn how to ensure effective communication in your projects, develop multicultural teams, organise project meetings and resolve conflicts.
• Learn methods to reduce tension in a project team and increase understanding and logical, objective decision-making.
• Develop leadership skills.
• Gain more confidence, enjoyment, and satisfaction from your work.
• Improve English language competences.
• Increase motivation and satisfaction in daily work

19.08.2024 > 24.09.2024 – Confirmed
11.10.2024 > 16.10.2024 – Confirmed

14.03.2025 > 19.03.2025 – Confirmed

06.06.2025 > 11.06.2025 – Confirmed

Course details

Course organiser: Kontera Design
Location: Sibiu, Bran
Price: 580 euro
Number of participants: 12
Language: EN | RO
Topics: Communication skills; Education and project management; School management, educational leadership
Key competences: Civic; Entrepreneurship; Personal, social and learning
Target audience: School management; Teachers & school staff: primary level ; Teachers & school staff: secondary level
Certification on completion: Yes

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