Organizational culture and team formation in school units


Sibiu, Romania


580 euro


6 days



The objective of the course is to understand the team building process and the stages of group development as well as to show and practice effective communication skills.

The objective of the course is to understand the notion of organizational culture, how it can be shaped, as well as the process of team building and the stages of group development, as well as to show and practice effective communication skills. Organizational culture plays a crucial role within a school and can have a significant impact on students, teachers and support staff. Here are some relevant aspects about the importance of organizational culture in a school unit: Positive School Climate: Organizational culture contributes to the creation of a positive school climate. A pleasant and supportive atmosphere can positively influence the academic results of students and the well-being of the entire school community. Motivation and Commitment: A well-defined and promoted organizational culture can help increase the level of commitment of teachers, staff and students. When members of the school community feel motivated and connected to the school’s values and goals, they are more likely to work toward educational goals. Effective Collaboration and Communication: A healthy organizational culture encourages effective collaboration and communication among all those involved in the educational process. This can facilitate the sharing of ideas, best practices and resources between teachers, school staff and parents. Shared Educational Values: Organizational culture defines the values and norms that guide behavior and decisions within the school. Shared values such as respect, integrity and responsibility contribute to the formation of students’ character and the development of an ethical educational environment. Adaptability and Innovation: An organizational culture open to change and innovation is essential in an ever-evolving educational environment. The ability to adapt to new teaching methods, technologies and educational trends can contribute to improving the quality of education provided. Retaining and Attracting Talent: A positive organizational culture can help retain and attract quality faculty and staff. A healthy and supportive work environment can be an important factor for education professionals. Parent Involvement: An open and communicative organizational culture can facilitate the involvement of parents in school life. When parents feel an integral part of the school community, the collaboration between school and family becomes more effective. In conclusion, organizational culture has a profound impact on the educational experience within a school and can influence student success, teacher satisfaction, and the overall quality of the educational environment.

The participants will identify the role of team leader in the process of building team spirit and acquire effective motivation tools. Finally, they will be able to explore strengths and potential of well-structured and balanced team in schools.

The course is divided into 20 hours of theoretical lessons combined with practical activities, plus a professional visit to a school or an organization dealing with team building issues.

The course also includes social and cultural activities, such as a Sibiu city tour and a farewell dinner.

13.05.2024 > 18.05.2024 – Confirmed
19.08.2024 > 24.08.2024 – Confirmed

09.12.2024 > 14.12.2024 – Confirmed
06.06.2025 > 11.06.2025 – Confirmed


Course details

Course organiser: Kontera Design
Location: Sibiu, Romania
Price: 580 euro
Number of participants: 12
Language: EN | RO
Topics: Career guidance and counselling; Communication skills; School management, educational leadership
Key competences: Civic; Entrepreneurship; Personal, social and learning
Target audience: School management; Teachers & school staff: secondary level; Teachers & school staff: special needs
Certification on completion: Yes

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