Team building and communication in the school


Sibiu, Romania


450 euro


5 days



The objective of the course is to understand the team building process and the stages of group development as well as to show and practice effective communication skills.

The participants will identify the role of team leader in the process of building team spirit and acquire effective motivation tools. Finally, they will be able to explore strengths and potential of well-structured and balanced team in schools.

The course is divided into 20 hours of theoretical lessons combined with practical activities, plus a professional visit to a school or an organization dealing with team building issues.

The course also includes social and cultural activities, such as a Sibiu city tour and a farewell dinner.


15.11.2021 > 19.11.2021 (ID: 190542)- Register before 31.10.2021

24.01.2022 > 28.01.2022 (ID: 190545)- Register before 02.01.2022-CONFIRMED

23.05.2022 > 27.05.2022 (ID: 190544)-Register before  01.05.2022

22.08.2022 > 26.08.2022 (ID: 190547)- Register before 07.08.2022

17.10.2022 > 21.10.2022 (ID: 190546)- Register before 02.10.2022

13.02.2023 > 17.02.2023 (ID: 190548)- Register before 22.01.2023

Course details

Course organiser: Kontera Design
Location: Sibiu, Romania
Price: 450 euro
Number of participants: 12
Language: EN | RO
Topics: Career guidance and counselling; Communication skills; School management, educational leadership
Key competences: Civic; Entrepreneurship; Personal, social and learning
Target audience: School management; Teachers & school staff: secondary level; Teachers & school staff: special needs
Certification on completion: Yes

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