Defending Europe and Christianity, finding identities


Sibiu, Romania


580 euro


6 days




Sibiu is a city unique in so many ways. Founded in 1091, the city’s history is rich and varied. Always German, even it was under Hungarian, Ottoman, Austrian or Romanian rule, it was  always a gate to Europe, but also a mixture of cultures and ethnics.
A central theme of this course delves into Southern Transylvania, being ruled during the years by Romans, migrators, Hungarians, Ottomans, Austrians and Romanians. Despite differences, people lived peacefully with religious tolerance. These three main ethnics, Romanians, Germans and Hungarians were also made up of three different confessions that co-existed but did not mix, keeping their own different languages, customs and neighborhoods, and eventually swept away by nationalism that appeared later on throughout Europe.

Until today, battered by centuries of experience, Sibiu provides valuable material for 21st-century teachers and their students. Taking a closer look at these features will provide material for critical thinking and understanding better our common European origins. It will help us empathize with human fate by continuing to learn about the stories of people who were challenged, persevered, went missing, overcame and thrived, hoping that this rich and varied history will help us better discover our own identities.

It is both an honor and pleasure for us to try to bring to light the multileveled past of this city.
Trainers will be in contact with the participants in order to solve any questions or doubts. And provide advice on accommodation, airports, airlines etc. They will also familiarize participants with the website of the seminars which will be used to upload pedagogical material created during the course duration.

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Course details

Course organiser: Kontera Design
Location: Sibiu, Romania
Price: 580 euro
Number of participants: 12
Language: DE | EN | FR | RO
Topics: Active citizenship, European dimension; History, social science, economics, geography; Intercultural education, migration
Key competences: Civic; Cultural awareness and expression; Personal, social and learning
Target audience: School management; Teachers & school staff: primary level ; Teachers & school staff: secondary level
Certification on completion: Yes

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