Traditions and Folklore in Today Society, including teaching Transylvanian dances


Sibiu, Bran


580 euro


6 days



The countryside is the heart and soul of Romania, where peasant culture remains a strong force and medieval life prevails, as it does nowhere else in Europe.

Transylvania or Ardeal is the region situated in central Romania, bordered by the Carpathian Mountains. Throughout time, this land was a part of the Roman Empire, of the Kingdom of Hungary and of the Austrian Empire. After the Great Union of 1918, Transylvania became a territory of independent Romania. Currently, the center of the country is inhabited by Romanians, Hungarians and Saxons, each community preserving its culture and characteristic customs.

The identity and spirituality of Transylvania are still influenced by the traditions of the minorities living in this region, so that you will discover various customs, of unique significance, full of charm and mystery. The rural spectacle, the costumes and the songs take you to a delightful world that reminds of the simplicity and beauty of the Romanian village.

In Transylvania you will find a mixture of traditions meant to attract good luck, health, happiness and a rich harvest. Community life revolves around these rituals inherited from the ancestors and passed on to the younger generations. In Transylvanian villages, the religious holidays and the important moments in the life of the individual are occasions for genuine spectacles that animate the alleyways, bringing charm and color to the rural universe.

Transylvanian folklore preserves the soul of the past embodying the ways of thought, the mode of life and the moral code of preceding centuries.

Upcoming sessions
13.07.2024 > 18.07.2024 – Confirmed
21.09.2024 > 26.09.2024 – Confirmed

17.02.2025 > 22.02.2025 – Confirmed

N.B Different periods and venues can be freely chosen by the sending organisation, upon request and after checking our availability.

Course details

Course organiser: Kontera Design
Location: Sibiu, Bran
Price: 580 euro
Number of participants: 12
Language: DE | EN | FR | RO
Topics: Active citizenship, European dimension; Communication skills; History, social science, economics, geography
Key competences: Civic; Cultural awareness and expression; Personal, social and learning
Target audience: School management; Teachers & school staff: secondary level
Certification on completion: Yes

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